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In the invisible line non-trace and god

The most beautiful makeup look is what kind of wholesale mac cosmetics ? Mac Makeup Uk .In addition to the pursuit of drama on the stage of feeling, in the life the most beautiful makeup look, of course, "like nature itself, makeup like without makeup", will only facial defects implicit to, and advantage, and let people think so natural. So when making up, there is more to the role of eyeball line contact to "not line, see eyes".
We often say according to different eye type to paint different eyeliner. Folds, double-fold eyelid and inside double-fold eyelid, natural differences. But, if you want to nature, will learn to implicit painting. Its characteristic is that not a thick line on the eyelid, but will eyelash root aggravated, because black eyes expressionless and no longer have the gap between natural, so looks like natural a piece of black, each other foil, can fool vision, points out true and false.
But with the wet eyes too close, look within easy flower makeup, waterproof effect is weak eyeliner is not very suitable, Suggestions for strong waterproof effect liquid eyeliner and eyeliner. Secondly, to really invisible, color also should pay attention to, and your eye color close to. Most of the Chinese people is black, but occasionally also have deep brown or dark brown. For this kind of colour and lustre, the proposal is still choose black system (most can foil the dark eyes, but can instead of carbon black, mac cosmetics uk ,not that stare blankly stare blankly pure black.
Implicit look line of painting:
1. First, finger gently lift eyelid, show eyelash root and slightly ectropion. When the painting line close to the eyelash root is more natural. And even professional makeup girl, it is impossible to finish painting the line one, is still take section carefully draw all the way, but whether to out of the corner of the picture, or from the central extend to canthus, all must be smooth, never can appear breakpoint and thicknesses unsymmetry change, even turn the bend.
2. If it is folds, all fill eyelash root natural clearance is good, mac cosmetics uk , but if it is double-fold eyelid, can slightly thick, is slightly higher than eyelash line clearance but open table can be double-fold eyelid cover degree, in the blinking eyes more natural.
3. Also, the line can also play a role in the adjustment of the line and normal as well as the function of eye type. If a round eyes, will be the end of the line a little level stretched, but not more than canthus, and line and out the triangle formed by the area will meticulously fill, wholesale mac makeup ,can hide live obvious "pull tail", and can spin on the vision eye type.
4. And if is more round eyes, hope some, the line end not more than the end of the eyelash, at the same time, in the eye of the drum position slightly bold to widen eye longitudinal width to longitudinal spun effect.
5. If you want to look inside really invisible, and it goes on to the next line is also very important. Can't stay white, not too coarse, try a few times can be properly, let an eye immediately amplification a circle.
6. Finally, don't forget the eye head, mac cosmetics uk ,eye head is to look in the disappearance of natural place, not always because of the skin and white contrast and in the sky. At this time does not need to lift their eyelids, just put the liquid eyeliner or paste written into the eye head, you can see all the objects, and then fill the natural head-up, see if there are white, and repaired until effect nature.
7. To this kind of more sophisticated look line, also need more detailed makeup. Cheap mac cosmetics .Cotton bar will remain in your cosmetic bag, if a bit dizzy catch, it will come in handy.

Golden brown makeup look
"Low and" may be this winter you often hear two words, cheap mac makeup uk online ,what is "low and"? Is low-key costly referred to as. Whether clothing or makeup look, this winter we all pursue costly but not make public of simple sense.
There is no doubt that gold is the most GuiZuQi qualitative color, brilliant costly feeling to most people that ordinary people dare not to try, if you do not have enough gold to control field, it will make you look very Philistine, full of nouveau riche temperament. So, mac makeup wholesale uk ,compared to last year's high-profile bling bling gold, this year winter partial golden brown ze makeup look deeper popular, low-key and noble elegance, dignified and decent, very suitable for light ripe female and the ripe female daily build. Sootiness makeup is the little girl's game, mac cosmetics uk ,naked makeup is lohas gens love most, golden brown makeup look is the first choice of elegant fair maiden this winter!
We chose the six games of qiu dong T stage makeup look, every makeup look is different: there are suitable for OL daily golden brown makeup look, also suitable for the party micro dazzle golden brown makeup look, some elegant, some sexy, but they all have one thing in common: that is a low profile gives fully in a costly!